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No! You don't necessarily need a Realtor; however, Realtors are extremely helpful during the contract process and closing.

Currently, we are in 2 communities in Van Alstyne, TX; Tinsley Meadows and Rolling Ridge. We are also in Anna, TX in our Park Place community and recently opened our new Lakeside community, Lake Park in Rowlett, TX.

Great question! It depends on the community.

Park Place: $600/month

Covers Management Fees, Full use of Facilities, Maintenance Structure, Maintenance Grounds, Walking Trail/Playground

Rolling Ridge: $700/month

Covers Management Fees, Maintenance Grounds, Maintenance Structure, Retention Pond

Tinsley Meadows: $900/month

Covers Management Fees, Maintenance Grounds, Maintenance Structure, Retention Pond, Gazeebo

Lake Park: $1,195/year

Covers Management Fees, Maintenance Grounds, Maintenance Structure, Walk/Jogging Trail

No, the home buyer is part of the process from start to finish. No hidden fees, ever. Our transparency allows you to always know the total cost of your home every step of the building process.

We use a new home contract provided by the Texas Association of Builders.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking at resale vs working with a new hone builder. The first one, which can be a big one, is the cost of utilities. In the Texas summer we know you will be running the AC and that cost can skyrocket. In an older home that has older code requirements for insulation, that can make for an expensive summer. We ensure that every home meets a particular energy-saving threshold. If it doesn’t, we remedy that.

YES - When you are looking at the price of the home, you are looking at a price that includes the land and the items on our standard features sheet. If this is a home under construction, the price will include all of the upgrades and structural options we selected for the build.

That is the million-dollar question in a world after 2020. Like other builders in our industry, we experienced labor shortages and supply chain issues. With that in mind, our purchasing and construction team will always be completely transparent about when you can move into your home. The community and stage of construction of the home you want are all major driving factors to answer this question. In short, it all depends BUT we will always be direct and communicative.

Yes! All of the communities have a professionally designed landscaping package that best suits the lot and home your purchase.

No, we do not accept contingency contracts.

What's better between buying and renting a home actually varies depending on a few circumstances and factors. To understand them better, we've listed a few of the advantages of buying a home:


Pros of Buying a Home

Equity Building

When you buy a home, it's not just paying rent; it's like saving for your house. As you pay your mortgage, you own more of your home over time. This can be helpful for your future.

Tax Benefits

Buying a home can save you money on taxes. You can subtract some expenses (deductions), like getting a little break from the government.

Stability and Control

Owning a home offers you complete control over your property and stability. It's your place, and you can make it yours by painting, gardening, and making it truly your own. Renting might not let you control your living space in the same way

Long-Term Stable Cost

When you have a mortgage with a fixed rate, your monthly payments stay the same. This helps you plan and budget because you know what to expect. Rent might go up, but your mortgage most definitely would not.


Lastly, value appreciation. The value of your house and the land it is on will appreciate over time, and the reason for this is the limited supply of land.

Think about it: a home is both a necessity and an investment -- and in this world, nothing worth having comes easy.

We'd all be hypocrites if we say that buying a home is not stressful, because it is. However, the fine line between it being stressful and something that can change your life is extremely thick.

Part of the things that can make buying a home stressful are:

  • Decision-making
  • Financial pressure
  • Mortgage approval
  • Paperwork
  • Market conditions
  • Investment (financial and emotional)

Luckily, you are in the right hands as Cambridge Homes has all of the tools to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible! We have someone with you every step of the way.

Great question! Truthfully, you are probably able to afford more than you think! Lucky for you, Cambridge Homes partners with a fabulous preferred lender, Thrive, who can help you figure out exactly that!

Check this page out and I think you will be pleasantly surprised!