We pride ourselves in building homes that are not only beautiful, but are functional to meet the needs of today’s modern home buyer. For this reason, we use Universal Design Concepts.

  • What is Universal Design?
    • Universal Design involves designing products and spaces so that they can be used by the widest range of people possible. Universal Design evolved from Accessible Design, a design process that addresses the needs of people with disabilities. Universal Design goes further by recognizing that there is a wide spectrum of human abilities. Everyone, even the most able-bodied person, passes through childhood, periods of temporary illness, injury and old age. By designing for this human diversity, we can create things that will be easier for all people to use.
  • Who does Universal Design benefit?
    • Everyone.
      Universal Design takes into account the full range of human diversity, including physical, perceptual and cognitive abilities, as well as different body sizes and shapes. By designing for this diversity, we can create things that are more functional and more user-friendly for everyone. For instance, curb cuts at sidewalks were initially designed for people who use wheelchairs, but they are now also used by pedestrians with strollers or rolling luggage. Curb cuts have added functionality to sidewalks that we can all benefit from.
  • What can be Universally designed?
    • Everything.
      • Universal Design can apply to anything that can be designed, including products like door handles, kitchen utensils and smartphones. To learn more about Universally Designed products, take a look at our product reviews.
      • Universal Design can be applied to architecture and the built environment, including public and commercialbuildings, as well as residential buildings and family homes. Universal Design can also help older adults concerned with Aging in Place by designing products and spaces that are safer and easier for them to use. To see some beautiful examples of Universal Design in architecture, take a look at our Case Studies.
      • Universal Design can also be applied to the community at large through urban planning and public transportation.

To learn more about Universal Design Concept click here or visit www.universaldesign.com