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Saving money on utility bills isn’t just smart. It’s guaranteed.

The Residential Energy Guarantee covers the additional cost of natural gas and electric utilities that exceed the guaranteed energy usage of HERS* rated new homes. With simple signup, minimal paperwork, online options, and the backing of Bankers Financial Corporation, the Residential Energy Guarantee is good times three: good for budget-savvy homeowners, good for builders committed to a greener industry, and good for all of us looking out for the planet and her resources.


New-home efficiency saves you money
High performance insulation, ultra-efficient HVAC components, energy-saving appliances and lighting


Get more from your HERS score
Your HERS score along with your report of Estimate of Annual Energy costs lets you compare your new home to other new homes’ energy efficiency ratings.


Residential Energy Guarantee
The patent-pending Residential Energy Guarantee issued by Bonded Builders covers all the energy used in your home – not just heating and cooling costs.

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